About Us

The company MDF was established in 2012.

The company specializes in the production and distribution of roofing accessories under the brand 4ROOF, as well as IZODACH roofing membranes for pitched roofs.

Our modern fleet of machines, specifically designed for our company, well-established infrastructure, and highly skilled personnel allow us to confidently state that we are an innovative company in the field of roofing accessories production. We promote the most advanced technologies in this industry.

The raw materials used in the production of our roofing accessories are exclusively sourced from European manufacturers. Our raw material suppliers include Monier BRAAS, MARMA POLSKIE FOLIE, BOSTIK, SKAPA, ITALCOAT, NOVELIS, and others.

The universal roofing accessories from 4ROOF ensure durability, reliability, and efficient performance on the roof. They are designed for proper roof ventilation and protection of the roof space against snow, water, dust, and moisture accumulation, while also enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the roof.

CompanyThe roof foils and membranes of IZODACH are elements of the roof structure, which should be given no less attention than accessoriesiam or insulation. Membranes and membranes are integral elements of the roof system and protect the roof and facades of the entire house.

Therefore, any customer who has purchased a complete set of roofing materials from our company can be sure of the durability of their own home.